expiredTransactions table

  • Table name: expiredTransactions
  • Columns: 12

Brief Columns description

  • merchantName: type: text, escaped merchant name
  • txDescription: type:text, description of the transaction
  • txToken: type:varchar(100), tti_ of the token used for the transaction
  • txAmount: type:text, raw amount of the token used for the transaction
  • mmSeed: type:text, AES256 encrypted middleman account seed
  • mmAddress: type:varchar(100), address of the middleman account
  • txMemo: type:text, memo of the transaction
  • txID: type:varchar(100), transaction ID
  • txDestination: type:varchar(100), merchant's vite address
  • txHash: type:varchar(100), hash of the transaction that confirmations should be awaited for
  • redirectURL: type:text, "Back to merchant" URL
  • txStatus: type:varchar(100), status code for the transaction

Status Codes in the database

  • 3 => Transaction was successful
  • 2 => Transaction expired
  • 4 => Transaction manually cancelled by database admin